The Poet rises up each day
Writes to take the fear away
That tomorrow he might not write
Or have the strength to fight.
His words come from his holy soul
They seek to make people whole
Or at least to have them stop and think
How we’re all chained in this link
Of human feelings and raw needs
His heart of love often bleeds.
But if one person hears his thoughts
He knows his efforts weren’t for naught
So today I thank you all who read
These simple thoughts my spirit breeds..


After “Absolute” by PoetKen

The Fall of 7Th Grade when I turned 12
A Negro Boy named Fat Larry Haynes
Sat next to me on the bench in gym class.

“Does everybody who’s black have a big dick?”
I mused aloud, as we sit here after First Period
Too embarrassed to shower after our morning basketball
To show my still underdeveloped body
Naked to these giant Black Kangz
Who’d been bused to our side of town
To strip us of our White Privilege.

“Hell, No” Fat Larry laughed.
“I can’t even seen mine under all this fat.
Just sit here with me and change your clothes
The coach don’t care and no one will notice”

We became friends then
Talking every morning after gym class
Now connected to a long line
Of retracted penile crowns.

You must know
This feeling too
Of believing yourself
To be so much less
So much less than your
Still undescended gonads
Your faint wisps of pubic hair
And your “grower not a shower”
Shriveled 12 year old junk.

And there we were

And there we were

And there we were

The mystery of adolescent development
Embodied in the Cullen Junior High boys locker room.

Fortunately, (Unfortunately)
My parents used their white privilege
To send me to private school the next two years
So I never sat next to a Negro again.
As to Fat Larry Haynes
His Big Beautiful Black Body
Is probably lying dying or dead
Diabetes ridden, overworked and underpaid
Somewhere by the Cuts

Oh! How could we not have seen this before
We are so much more
Whites have so much more...

So this morning I took a knee
And chopped off my offensive white member
With my kitchen butcher knife.
Oh! Holy Kangz of AmeriKKKa
I am so much less
I am so much less....


Dr. Fausti

Literary Corner with Ken Jones

Patriot Literary Corner

Guest: Ken Jones
Host: Dustin Pickering
Director: Mutiu Olawuyi
Executive Producer: Parrot TV / New York Parrot


POET KEN’S latest book published Summer 2020 in India! Meditations of Oneness - Book
Meditations on the Oneness  

Poet Ken's most recent interview

Lone Star Listens: Poet Ken Jones and THE WAY LIFE GOES

ARS POETICA IS OUR 2020 By PoetKen Jones

What is the purpose of these word seeds
In a country of hatred and disease?
A chance for lonely souls to feed
Rather then rage and riot their need.

As we share across this holy land
May we all understand
The King’s dream that together we stand
Is so close at hand.

I’m a peasant, royal fool, and jester
Seeking Justice as my gesture
May anyone who listens
Learn to live a bit better

For at the end of a day or life
We won’t be healed by the strife
But by the love we show each other
As equal sisters and brothers

KHJ 220pm CDT 10-20-20



Ken Jones

Poet Ken Jones

PoetKen Jones is a native Texan who has published ten full length poetry collections, numerous chapbooks and hundreds of individual poems in literary journals, anthologies, websites and other forums, as well as performing his original work for over 30 years as a Featured Poet at bookstores, conferences, festivals, and countless venues in Texas and across the United States. He earned a BA and MA in English/ Creative Writing from The University of Texas at Austin, taught college level English, Creative Writing, and other subjects for almost 20 years in Houston and has served on the Board of Public Poetry, (Houston),The Austin International Poetry Festival, and hosted a popular poetry reading series for almost ten years at Borders-River Oaks.

A few of his honors include:


Finalist for the West Chester Poets Prize


A Pushcart Prize nominee


the 2011 Critics Choice Award winner at the Houston Fringe Festival


The University of Texas at Brownsville has opened a permanent archive of his creative work in their library.


He is also a licensed attorney In Texas, practicing as a country lawyer in the Come and Take it Town of Gonzales, where he currently resides.


In the Life Care Center
Death came to stay
I wanted to share my Love
But they kept me away
What a way to go
Sent away to hide
Peering though a window
To The Other Side
They’re not trying to be mean
They’re just part of the machine
Where money fills the holes
In our empty souls
Now the government told me
Practice social isolation
I don’t care what they sold me
My heart isn’t their nation
So I stand outside my final home
Alone to the bone
Inside the virus is spreading
All that we’ve been dreading
In this world of unknowns
That we’re finally shedding
Or offering a welcome....

Chapbook On Viral Infectious  Disease 19
By PoetKen Jones 3-3-20 through 3-22-20


“I weep for the damned eventualities this future brings”
-F Scott FitzGerald

Letter from Quarantine South France 1920



PoetKen Live at the Whiskey a Go-Go LA, CA 2007
PoetKen Live at Starving Artist Gallery, Houston, TX 2014


Santa Klaus Is Running Your Town
by PoetKen

You better not shout!
You better not protest!
Just get in line
For your daily Covid test
Santa Klaus is running your town.

He’s making a list
Of the compliant and hated
To send to quarantine
The unvaccinated
Santa Klaus is running your town.

They monitor you when you’re sleeping
Your IPhone is always awake
He knows if you obey or act crappy
You’ll get no presents and you’ll be happy!

So you better stay home
You better not mingle
Or your Christmas bells
Will be the handcuffs’ jingle
Santa Klaus is running your town
To keep you safe from deadly Omicron!!!

Santa Klaus


Poet Ken's collections of poetry can be ordered at

Ken Jones Newest Collection of Poetry, 2019

Email Epistles
The biological definition of a "living organism "is one that responds to its environment Ken Jones responds instantly with lightning epiphanies. His creations far exceed the stimulus. Enjoy his responses!

-- thom woodruff, thom the worldpoet

Book Cover Pearls of Passion by KenJones

Pearls of Passion 2014,
a collection of love Poetry

Book Cover- Life Expectancy

Ken Jones

Book Cover - Unutterable Blunders and Palace Disasters-KenJones

Unutterable Blunders and Palace Disasters
published by PlainViewPress in 2006.

Book Cover -Ceaseless Greasepaint in Combat Stance by Ken Jones

Ceaseless Greasepaint in Combat Stance
Published by Slough Press in 2007

Book Cover - Pleadings from the Pleiades by Ken Jones

Pleadings from the Pleaides
(Poetry in the Arts Publications), available at and his latest chapbook is Bones of Rebellion (Brave New Books chapbook series).

Book Cover Dormant Volcano

"Philosophy, poetry, politics, and people, Ken Jones’ Dormant Volcano covers a wide range of topics and expertly at that. Jones combines traditional devices with an experimental twist in order to tackle an intriguing array of subjects. Jones does not stick with what one would expect a poet to stick with in a collection, something I appreciate. The collection, though long, does not get stale, rather it gets more intriguing the
further you go-- some of my favorite poems of the work are in the last section—definitely a collection I could not put down."
—Emily Ramser, Author of I Forgot How To Write

Book Cover - Mr. Karma byKenJones

(Transcendent Zero Press 2013) is a collection of spiritual poetry.

Meditations of Oneness - Book

Meditations on the Oneness
The impression stays with us that these poems of feeling and vision will attract all readers. In this book the poet displays the sublime beauty of intense imagination.

Hume Place Texas
Kenneth Hume Jones Down on the Drag, Austin, Texas 2018