PRISON LANGUAGE (for Cynthia Matzke)
Your sing song melodies of freedom
Have soured into the click clack scrape
Of bottle nose teeth across iron bars

Your cage is a circus aquarium
Where the truly dumb humans
Force performances on your warm forms

Your angry language radiates
In subsonic waves of aquatic angst
Deaf to the Nazi primate guards

Your pain vibrates the antennae of my soul
My disdain for my speciesist shackles plain
As prisoners of conscience we both remain

SPEAKING TRUTH (for Maui Calvin)
“Corporations are terrorists” Calvin on Maui

Beheading Mother Earth
Set afire her fertile fields
Spray bullets of biotech
Deadly poison yields

Evil void controls the soil
Enslaves germinating seeds
Repetitive genetic toil
Feed these barbarians’ greed

Can the People seize the Power
In this final fateful hour
Or will the hole in Capital’s soul
Swallow our species whole?

KULA SUNSET (for Stephen Luksic)
Ecosystem Instability
Meets Flash Mob Sustainability
Primate Inability
Masked as Ingenuity
Species careening toward Naught
Skeletal skull sips Draught
Stop to savor a sunset
Slide into Infinity Forget
Vog clouds your dream sky
Regret the Eternal Why

Literary Corner with Ken Jones

Patriot Literary Corner

Guest: Ken Jones
Host: Dustin Pickering
Director: Mutiu Olawuyi
Executive Producer: Parrot TV / New York Parrot


PoetKen Live at the Whiskey a Go-Go LA, CA 2007
PoetKen Live at Starving Artist Gallery, Houston, TX 2014